CAR’s Overthrown President?

Central African Republic’s president, Francois Bozize, has been attacked and forced by the country’s rebels to leave his presidency behind after ruling the country for the past ten years. It has been said that the treaty of peace that Bozize signed included a segment stating that he will continue to be the president until 2016, which is the general cause of this rebellion.


The news are making this case out to be a innocent president being attacked by aggressive rebels, when in all actuality the president promised the people certain specifics if he were to be in office and because he did not fulfill his duty as a president to help the people out. Of course their were rebel groups in this country, but after Bozize decided to ignore the people’s wishes, more citizens joined these rebel groups and kicked him to the curve.


Former President Francois was last seen in Cameroon after he fled Central African Republic the day of the riot.


If only rebellion and overthrowing government was acceptable in the United States when politicians promise certain things to its people…..

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