As requested, AfroMadu has a segment specifically for natural hair. Here is the open forum to comment, discuss, and inquire about natural hair, its politics, how to manage it, and seeing people overall everyday maintenance with natural hair. Please feel free to comment and share things you would like to add to this segment at 

Meet the Editor!



About a year ago, I decided to cut off my hair to see how it would complement my facial features. While making my decision, I struggled with how I would take care of it. Too many times I heard conversations of women with natural hair talk about how they use shampoo, conditioner, leave –in conditioner, cream to elongate their curls, dry their hair, then finally, use moisturizer spray to hold the curls just to have a “natural” hairstyle. So I decided, that because of this trend of using numerous amounts of products that I would do the least possible treatment to my hair.




I believe the beauty in going natural is to embrace how one’s hair transforms into its most natural state without the interference of too many products. So I plan to explore all of the “Natural” hair care products/concoctions to see which ones actually compliment one’s natural state or interferes with it. I want to see if my hair can be as healthy and beautiful before I cut it. I am also interested in learning about the products and stories of others as well. Let this journey begin.


– B.R.A.T. ( Black, Radical and Thorough)

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