The GOP Flop.

For the past decade, the number of Hispanic immigrants have been increasing in the U.S, along with the debates of immigration, unjust policies, racial profiling, and other things that play into the the American’s patriotic ideology that someone wants to take their country away from them… 

Not only do statistics pick up things like the rise of the Hispanic community rising in the United States, but apparently so does the Republican Party. The talk of the Republicans raising their Hispanic voters has been quite the trend, but the Party’s actions doesn’t really add up to the charismatic broken Spanish that they use to try to talk to this community.


So what’s the best way to do it? Get a spokesperson! The up and coming politician Marco Rubio has been bursting through the media with his memorable “grab a drink” interview and is now trying to sway the Hispanic voters to the Republican Party. Rumor has it that Rubio might be running for the upcoming presidency. Keep an eye out for this Republican… he KNOWS what he’s doing.

images-31But let’s talk about the real issues here. Immigration policies in the South like an ID system for Hispanics that should be presented at all times are, in fact, MADE by these Republican politicians who want to increase their voting numbers soooo bad. Republicans who try to look well in the media by shaking a person of Hispanic descent’s hands, but then try to make a comment calling Hispanics “wetbacks” lacks the concept of consistency. There’s no way this party can continue to possibly believe that this community would want to affiliate themselves with ignorant politicians that contradict themselves with trying to like this community, and being against things like immigration reform.


To the Republican Party: At least TRY to look like you like Latinos. You’re failing miserably.

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