Boston Marathon Explosions, and the Explosions Elsewhere

During the Boston Marathon yesterday, two bombs were placed in different buildings and exploded while runners were nearing the finish line. This attack resulted in casualties, 105 injured, and 2 dead. 


Casualties. The nerve of American mass media to use that word about yesterday’s incident. Their is nothing casual about the U.S. getting attacked by other countries. In fact, America believes that they are so IMMUNE to attacks that things like this are not supposed to happen! “We are America. In order for the world to run smooth, we have to stay on top.”

How much is enough? Imagine waking up to bombs every morning. America bombs countries and families everyday. There are children who die and loose body parts BY THE MINUTE. The U.S. is so quick to let bombs loose in other countries but doesn’t consider the fact that those same bombs can kill their people as well.

Granted, attacks in general are not ok. AT ALL. But let us look at the bigger picture: Should we continue to be America’s toy soldiers for the corruption and beef of the government?

Prayers for the victims of the bombing, nothing for the administration.

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