The Rise of Black Intellects

Through struggle, you build character. Not only do you build character but you end up finding others that are in the same struggle that can help get you through…

Becoming older and being more conscious about the world around me, I am starting to realize the amount of people, preferably young adults, that are on the same path of consciousness that I am. Along with the positivity, I begin to look at the negative, RATCHET, inappropriateness that is leading the Black community in its downfall beginning with our youth.

Not only are people beginning to take a stand and ignore things like TV shows that exploit African Americans, or the framing and shaping of the stereotypical Black person, but we are teaching and and talking about the REAL issues… and whats REALLY going on.


Granted, we are not as radical as our great leaders in the 60’s, but i must argue that we are getting there. 

The rise of Black intellects will be the revolution. Not only will folks become conscious and informed about issues, but sharing knowledge and building leaders will be a trend.

We are getting closer to our liberation, I feel it coming.


2 thoughts on “The Rise of Black Intellects”

  1. For me, a big part of maturing my conscientiousness was understanding my struggle in relation, not just to other black people, but to oppressed populations on a global level. We must remember that both Malcolm and Martin were not assassinated when they were simply talking about African-American liberation. It was when they started making getting the people to make connections between our oppression and those of other people around the world that caused the real threat.

    Today, that type of connection is called intersectionality. This means we can’t fight for our own liberation and still support the apartheid regime in Palestine. We can’t talk about the school to prison pipeline and not support the struggles of LGBT people for full equality. We can’t talk about black women as queens then support misogyny and rape culture.


    1. And i completely agree with you! Besides the fact that power structures enjoy keeping us this way, i think its time that people realize that there’s a bigger reason why: we are their biggest threat.

      But imagine if we had 50 Malcolm X’s and 40 Martins? THEY COULDN’T STOP US. And thats what we need to strive for. Not only to uplift the Black community, but for all of oppression around the world. By becoming global citizens and ended the hold and strain that the government and world leaders have on us, this place can be and will be great, and it all comes from ourselves. get informed! stay in the in the know!


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