Wanted: Assata Shakur, Dead or Alive


The FBI this past week set the bounty for two million dollars for the capture of Joanne Chesimard (Assata Shakur) concerning the murder of a New Jersey police officer during the 1970’s.  Assata is currently living in Cuba in political asylum and has NO PLANS on coming back to the United States where she will be trial and prosecuted for the murder of the New Jersey police officer. 


In response to the new update of the FBI’s Most wanted list, Assata Shakur’s open letter was rereleased because of the relevance of this case. Check it out here: 



 Assata’s open letter is definitely reflective of how society really is. Individuals are rarely possible to make an impact on a social issues, but the power of numbers and masses who can come together and actively demand justice and equality can get something done. 

On the contrary, reopening this case is also beginning to inform people of the things that the criminal justice system did during the 1960’s to the liberation groups that was said to be a threat to America. In the recent sit-down on Huff Post Live, Hip Hop activist Rose Clemente,  a friend of the Shakur family, and a law professor from Loyola University, set the record straight for ALL of the Internet nation.

This might be a long sit-down, but we promise you that its worth the time.



Stay safe Assata. AfroMadu has you in our prayers.  

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