Yeah, “The System” is Meant To Keep Us Down, Now What?

This is a nation of people who find comfort in blaming others for their discomfort. In a sense, we have become comfortable in our discomfort; a culture of poverty has formed. Instead of making steps to improve ourselves and our future generations, we often settle and just decide that we have no chance and it’s because “The Man” is the cause for it and there’s nothing we can do about it. To make matters worse, when someone tries to fight that belief and improve themselves they’re “acting white” or “fake”. We keep ourselves down and try to make sure we keep each other down with us.


What we need to do is work on getting further and further in life as people and as individuals! Never settle for discomfort, if you aren’t satisfied with your current situation or if someone you influence isn’t satisfied than make steps to change. Help yourself, help your people. If you want to live a better life educate yourself and create a better life however you choose to do so. Write music, create music, read books, write a book, do whatever you love doing and do whatever your heart desires. We need to make sure that we are also able to survive in this world by being educated on how it works and how to work through it. Expand your vocabulary, dig into new things, find new interests, become a jack of all trades. The system will keep you down as long as you are not educated enough to raise yourself. There are many outlets in this age, we have way more than our predecessors. Let’s succeed, no one can keep us down, and no one can hold you back.

A quick way to educate yourselves that is right here is our AFROMADU BOOK CLUB! Check it out and join us! Reading will always be fundamental.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, “The System” is Meant To Keep Us Down, Now What?”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, I wish many of our people can have a chance to read through….and really internalize the message in here. Stay Blessed


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