Assata: An Autobiography


The time has come to start our first book of the AfroMadu Summer Book Club! The forum now has its own tab! As we all know by now our book for the next two weeks is, Assata: An Autobiography. If you feel moved or shocked, by anything leave a comment in the comment box and be the match, to light the fire of discussion! Our first day will be focused on the Affirmation, which is the poem that precedes the first chapter. Tell me what you think the author is saying .How does that make you feel? Can you relate?

After today the page will be open forum for the book at any point or in its entirety.

Most importantly, THANK YOU ALL, without you guys there would be no club so get the reading and share the knowledge!!


One thought on “Assata: An Autobiography”


    I am the leader of this discussion and most going forward! Lets break down the Affirmation, shall we? I personally think it is reminiscent of the E.E. Cummings’ poem “pity this busy, monster, manunkind” for they both refer to the gifts of GOD versus the bindings of Man. How everyone is born with an abundance of Gods many blessing but Mans bindings such as race and social class, limit the progress of some.

    Feel free to agree or disagree or go into more detail!

    Man of Madu


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