Summer’s Hottest Workout: The Plank.

No need to kill your neck doing sit-ups or buy expensive machines in hopes of strengthening your core any more! The latest fad of the plank allows you to do this basic exercise practically anywhere and anytime. But what are its benefits?




The body’s core is essential to human health. It develops posture, stability, and a start to becoming a better walker or runner. Core exercises help to support our back and abdomen, which is key in something we need especially with the running around and on-your-feet life that we live today.

The plank satisfies all of the back and abdomen needs as well as helping the pelvic and hip floors, and shoulders and arms. Did i mention that it tones your legs in great places along with the sculpting of your abs?!?

They are different modifications of the plank to challenge the body and strengthen different areas as well. Planking in the position of using the forearms is great, but raising this workout and using hands to stay up is quite a challenge! What about planking on a side and using one arm to balance the core? The plank is super beneficial!

So how can you incorporate the incredible plank into your lifestyle? Super easy. Start with a plank for 30 seconds. Take a mini break and continue. try it for 5 times, then repeat for the next day, hiking up the seconds you plank for and the amount of times you do it. You will never go wrong with it!


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