Topless Activists Arrested




Tunisia – Three “FEMEN” activists, two French and one German, protested in front of a courtyard topless in the conservative Muslim country. The activists chanted “Free Amina” and wrote “breast feed revolution” over their topless bodies. Acts of indecency can be punished in Tunisia by at least six months.


The person behind “Free Amina” is Amina Sboui who was arrested on May 19th after allegedly writing the word “FEMEN” on a wall near a graveyard and illegally possessing pepper spray. Under the law people can face up to five years in prison for graffiti.


FEMEN, a global women’s movement, was founded in Ukraine but now based in Paris. FEMEN organizes topless protest to fight for social equality in the world. FEMEN leader, Inna Shevchenko, supports Amina and the three protestors. She stated, ” “We don’t take any notice of this kind of thing. In these countries the law is applied as it suits (those in power). In Tunisia, we see that people run the risk of two years in prison just for simple graffiti.”



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