Body Parts for Sale

Nigeria – Earlier this week investigators arrested multiple people suspected to be involved in selling human body parts for money in return of money and concoctions. One man arrested, Agboola Kolawole, confessed to selling his two deceased brother’s and two deceased sister’s head to a man for N8,000 each (about $50). Kolawole admitted to selling the four human heads as a means of getting money to pay his children’s school fees.



Ajibade Rafiu, one of the herbalist, told investigators people have supplied him with human parts and concoctions-ground human head mixed with local gin to protect him against spiritual attacks. Sometimes a human head could be sold for N8,000 (about $50), hands N4,000 (about $25), and private parts N10,000 (about $62).


At this time, only arrests have been made. We will update you on the progression of this investigation.



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