Leave the Excuses and Become an Example.

The downfall of the Black Man, I believe is our reliance on the excuse. Instead of using the stereotypes as fuel to break the chain of mediocrity, we tend to use it as a crunch. We fear what is outside of our comfort zone and therefore never venture out.  A wise man once said, success awaits, right outside of our comfort zone.

As Men, we try so hard to do things on our own and that contributes to our downfall. Success has always been and will always be a team sport. You can not climb a mountain without gear, the road to success is no smoother and no less steep.

When we fail, as all do, that is not the time to blame the system. This is the time revise your game plan and outwork your past self. The you of yesterday is your greatest opponent.

EXCUSES are no longer acceptable for lack of drive. Too many people blame not having a father growing up for the bad decisions. Personally I  do not see the correlation. During my peak development as a young Man around 10-13, I lived over a 100 miles away from my father and saw him once in those three years. So I could have gotten out of control and said Im going to make long lasting bad decisions but instead, I began reading.

I knew that I did not have access to a strong Black Man, I read up on some, learning what they did as young Black Men to become great. In 7th and 8th grade when I was the only one in my class reading for recreation, I was not only reading extra thick Harry Potter books to grow my reading skills, I also was reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X . By 8th grade I was reading on a 12th grade level. Im not gassing myself, I am just giving an example of how to not become a victim of your circumstance.


Next point is EXAMPLE, we are Men, as Men we take on the role of leader. Our decisions affect those who watch us. If you go around sagging your pants and calling Women out of their names your little brother, cousin, whomever is to think that, that is what Men do. That is not acceptable. We are the mold for our youth and that responsibility must be taken seriously! There are too many kids that have been to too many funerals because their “ROLE MODELS” want to make irresponsible decisions that affect dozens.

It is never too late to succeed.

I love you, God loves you, Love yourself,

Man of Madu

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