The Health Risks of Soda!


Everyone thinks that a cheap soft drink can do the trick to quickly quench a bad thirst, but is it worth risking your health? Check out the danger that your body can be in by choosing that bottled soda!

1. Weight Gain: As you may know, the amount of sugar in a can a soda is ridiculous! added sugar, with added calories ultimately puts more pounds on your body. Want to gain unhealthy pounds? keep chugging that coke!

2. Osteoporosis:  Studies have shown that a leading ingredient, phosphoric acid, in a cola sucks calcium out of bones, causing osteoporosis to some soda drinkers. Simply drinking 4 sodas a week can increase your chances of  loosing calcium in the bones by 4%.

3. Diabetes: Because of the huge sugar intake and consumption from more than one can of soda, diabetes is twice as likely to develop type 2 in your system.

*additional risks include heart attacks, stroke, cell damage, rotten teeth, and PLENTY of others.* 

Not to scare you about your life as an avid soda drinker, but its time for a change. Begin to substitute those “cans-of-death” with things that are actually good and healthy for you. Water? why not?!  Need something sweet? 100% fruit juice. Still want more sweets? Grab a fruit. 

Take control of your health. 

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