Observing Ramadan.




This week begins the Muslim observation of Ramadan, a month for reflection and rejuvenating while fasting and praying before the sun goes down. 

Although I am not a Muslim, I decided to a little more research on what people actually do during the fasting time and when the sun goes down. I feel like the value and character building behind Ramadan was the most important aspect that in ANY TIME someone can decide to do slow down their lives and rethink things. 

images-73The significance of fasting, at least in my opinion, is to not only  to sacrifice eating and drinking meals, but carefully picking and choosing things to do and people to be around during this self-empowering process. Doing things like catching up on reading and just becoming in tune with thy self gives you time to detox not just your body but your mind as well. 

The idea of purification, in itself, shows the beginning of self-discipline. To mentally prepare yourself to give up normal routines in attempts to become spiritually deeper,  is a beautiful thing. 

In sum, Im eager to continue learning and researching the month of Ramadan. I’ve been so intrigued that I’ve began to continue a personal fast of detoxing my body during the sunlight. 

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone. 

Photo on 8-28-12 at 6.27 AM #2

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