US Embassy Liquidation!

Last week, the well-known terrorist group al Qaeda was said to be sending messages to other members about possible attacks in the Middle East and North Africa. Approximately 22 US embassies have been shut down last Saturday and more have been said will be planning to close until further notice.


al Qaeda has obviously been an oncoming force of power for all government for all who can ever remember. al Qaeda has the power to sweep away an entire country with weapons and bombs that the military has not even heard of. From their sporadic attacks on the government to have the US close majority of their embassies in the Middle East. I must tip my hat to the threat this group has on the world.

Since the event is so current and sensitive of information, this is all AfroMadu has on this issue. Please be mindful that although this might be a small article this situation is getting pretty serious. The most powerful country in the world shutting down their embassies because of speculation?!?!?!? Stay tuned, its about to go down in the world.

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