Kwanzaa: Umoja: U.N.I.T.Y


December 26th marks the first day of Kwanzaa reflecting on the principle of unity. Unity is such an overrated concept that everyone takes for granted, but are we really all really unified?

This year definitely threw loop holes and fireballs at the Black community. Not saying that any other year hasn’t, but with police brutality, innocent killings, unemployment rising, and a heck of social disparities, the Black community is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. We have had enough with the inequalities and unfairness in the world….But it has to start from us. The power is with the people. The control is within the self.

turned to each other

We try to find ways out of this mess by working and studying hard to make a decent living, but we forget this main principle every time. Many of us will move of our neighborhoods and forget where we even came from. The idea of unifying and ensuring that not only that one person can get the help they need, but for the best of all is a value that is needed to instill. To the “successful” people in powerful positions: what are the ideas and tips to helping the rest build their personal capital? To the people with knowledge: How are you helping others acquire the same? To the people who have great skills: What are you doing to help others learn your skill? The power is within the people. Thus, unity is so vital in the Black community.

On this day, lets remember that we will always need help in this world in order to continue growing. You cannot do everything by yourself. Unifying things like your family, the youth, your community can help build the greatest empire.

Umoja: Unity.

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