Kwanzaa: Kujichagulia and the Power Within Thy Self.




Who knows you more than yourself? Today Kwanzaa recognizes the principle of Kujichagulia and the self defining and naming of the self. 

Self-Determination and definition is very important when dealing with Africans in America. Since slavery, we have been stripped from our language, kinship, and culture. Trying to build the psyche of people that have been mentally  abused for centuries is not an easy task. But the notion that it can happen through self-determination and knowledge-building is amazing. 


On this day, AfroMadu asks our readers to appreciate the value of the self. Knowing that the challenge and struggles through our lifetimes are to only make us stronger. When we realize how much power is ultimately within ourselves, we then create a space to better ourselves and reach the highest peak of confidence and happiness. Kujichagulia’s purpose is to also shed light on the rich history of adversities in the Black community and how we overcame them. Learning about the strength that our history holds gives us a better understanding of who we are as people. 

Reflect on a better you. Become self-empowered. 

Kujichagulia: Self Determination. 

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