Kwanzaa: Imani, Believing in Yourself and Others.

“To believe with all our hearts in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.”


To wrap up our glorious Kwanzaa celebration and the start of the New Year, Imani reinforces the six other principles that were previously discussed. All of these principles are helpful and go to know, but without the value of Faith, the foundation of change and growth is non-existent. 

Having faith is usually connected with religious purposes but in this case the idea of understanding who you are, along with the people in your community, helps the consistent sense of confidence needed in order to rise up oppression. Not just believing is crucial, but instilling and reinforcing the faith and hope that you have for the community can set the bar higher for better expectations. Having and keeping faith within yourselves and your neighbors will only bring great things for your plans and ideas to uplift Black people and all humankind. 


AfroMadu challenges you to keep faith alive. No after how rough the situation is, or how tough the road to an idea or plan that will be beneficial to the community, keep your heads up and continue fighting!!! 

Imani: Faith. 

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