Forty Days of Reconstruction.

Today marks the first day of lent, a tradition in many Christian denominations that observe the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for 40 days. During this time, many Christians fast, pray, and sacrifice important things in their daily routines as a form of penitence. Although many are not of this denomination or not religious, lent is a way to observe materialistic things that are used excessively to find time and space to better themselves. 


Can these forty days create a great habit to find time for your true purpose in life without being religious? Can you use these forty days to change your thinking in certain ways? end bad habits? Forty days is more than enough time to reconstruct the habits of the mind. Ending things like procrastination and becoming more productive, picking up great habits of working out, or reading books, and of course making choices that will impact your life.


The idea of sacrifice in itself shines light to the willpower and discipline that is self imposed upon the self. The notion of removing the most vital item or habit in your life and finding ways to continue on with your days can be very hard in the beginning, but liberating simultaneously. How good will it feel to know that you can stay off of social media for forty days, or stop drinking sugary drinks and sodas? Great, of course. 


Allow these forty days to be your reconstruction period. Take away all the toxins in your life and replenish them with a sense of truth, purpose, and productivity. Let us know what you are giving up for this season! 




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