Changes to the SAT’s… Do we REALLY care?



As you may have heard, College Board made some changes to the SAT’s, a collegiate exam that measures your level of knowledge in order to get into college. These changes were implemented to lessen the harshness of the test, along with assisting low-income students to actually take the SAT’s.

After Obama’s initiative to allow low-income students a better opportunity to apply to colleges and universities, College Board planned to change “minor things” that will help the administration reach that goal. Aspects like changing the essay portion as optional, revamping the scale to 2400, eliminating “obscure” vocabulary words, and shortening the exam will allow students a better opportunity to get a higher score on the exam. 

I say all of that to say this: Will these changes help young African American scholars get into better schools? Will these “new changes” appeal more to underprivileged children that do not nearly understand vocabulary and directions that are asked of them? Can our children’s intelligence be measured by a generic test that doesn’t prove anything? The world may never know. Instead of worrying about changes to this bogus test, lets change the system of allowing a test determine our children’s future. 

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