Inheriting Hatred.


I see hatred 

I am bathed in it, drowning in it

since almost the beginning of my life 

it has been the air I breathe 

the food I eat, the content of my perceptions 

the single most constant fact of my existence 

is their hatred….

I am too young for my history.

As if these lines could not come any quicker in the world we are living in today. Fu Xi’s “The I Ching” is not only one of the oldest Chinese classical accounts, but a foundational text that is used to understand the human observing the world and one’s position in it.

This small excerpt lays out the cry for help in humanity. Being born into inequalities, and realizing the birth of social strain and the epidemic of hatred is not only uncovering truths, but a daunting problem in a sense. Think about the injustices that everyday people fight for on a daily basis. Debts, poverty, crime, and other institutional hatreds allow us to look through this text and decode Xi’s words. We are around this organized hatred everyday!

But let’s begin to examine a different perspective of hatred, not institutionalized but on a personal level. The structural hatred that is carried on from these bigger entities and is exuded through ourselves, and passed onto each other. The hatred that stands within our brothers and sisters that control our actions in picking up guns and killing each other. The type of hatred that breaks our natural collectivistic ideologies. Should we continue this cycle of breeding hatred into our youth and condoning this toxic emotion? How can we turn this hatred into community, unity, and love? 

We are ALL too young for our history, the tradition of hatred being passed down from generation to generation. 

Let’s end the cycle.

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