Healthy Ways to Color your Natural Hair.


Ladies aren’t you just craving that burst of color in your hair? Dying your natural is a very big step but it can also be very exciting and something new. This process might require some chemicals but fortunately there are many ways to ensure that your color will come out just as bright as if you used a chemical. There are two main types of color, permanent and temporary.

            Permanent hair coloring requires the hair cuticle to be lifted by chemicals and alters the proteins that give us our natural hair color. As a woman with natural hair I am not totally against permanently dying your hair as long as you take care of your hair then you should be fine. If you do decide to permanently dye your hair remember to protect and condition your hair and, also use color enhancing shampoo to maintain the color. Also try not to put too much chemicals in your hair, so if you dyed your hair try not to use any other chemical in your hair for a long time.


Temporary color however puts a layer of color on top of the hair strand these are also known as “rinses,” and will fade with images-153 several washes. This is a safer approach to coloring your hair and is very common among the natural hair community. However, the down side of henna is that the color might not come out as bright as you would want it. These can be found in any of your local hair stores in any color. You could also use Henna to temporarily dye your hair which is much safer because there are fewer chemicals. You may have seen henna used as body art on the hands, but it can also be used as a hair color. It has been used for centuries as a way to add color to skin and hair. Henna can be available at any African or Asian ethnic market, but you can order it online as well.



No matter what method you used to color you hair, make sure you take care of your hair after. I advise you get in the routine of deep conditioning your hair once or even twice a week. Make sure that you keep your hair moisturized as possible because color tends to strip the moister out of your hair and leaves it dry. A color enhancing shampoo is best so it can maintain the level of color and not fade or turn a different color. I’m actually think about dying my hair a blue/purple color myself so I will definitely keep you guys posted with that. Until next time my natural hair sisters, love yourself and most importantly your hair!

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