U.S and Cuba Relations Reflections.

“50 years of isolating Cuba has not worked and it is time for a new approach.” -Obama

Current event1

After a 45 minute negotiation, U.S President Obama and Castro confirmed relations between Cuba and the United States. The rival countries plan to open up embassies in both countries, along with opening business access and trading spaces.

You might look at this and think that Obama’s plan might be progressive and liberal for the Cuban citizens and more opportunities for the American economy, but it is NOT. AfroMadu is going to give you a small run down of why this is a very strategic plan and how it can affect this upcoming movement. We will try to stay away from any conspiracies or falsified information.

  • Cuban Revolution and its after effects: A small history lesson; in the early 50’s, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara lead a remarkable movement to end government control against Cuban citizens. Under the Batista regime, Cuba was corrupted and lacked resources for the Cuban citizens. The overthrow of the government ran Batista out of presidency, but divided any political affiliation between the two countries. After 50 years of exiling a country from any political support from the U.S, things begin to reshape. HOW AWKWARD IS THAT? Do you expect Cuban citizens to NOT have vendettas against a POWERFUL system that turn their backs on them?


America has completely isolated Cuba after the Cuban revolution making it very hard to try live in a society that glorifies the American opinion. Cuban-Americans have a hard time traveling, sending money, and even contacting family back in Cuba because of the exile with the two countries.

Assata Shakur

  • Assata Shakur: I think this aspect of this new finding might be the most important component in this entire post. Assata Shakur, in my opinion, was the most successful person in the entire world that gave the U.S criminal justice system a run for their money and honestly made them an entire joke. Her tactics of escaping prison and fleeing to Cuba was astonishing and memorable in African-American history. Opening the doors and barriers of Cuba and the United States is going to simply heighten the stakes of America trying to capture and gain possession of leaders that once flee their countries and ran to Cuba.

As far as longevity works and how history has already defined the newest movement, gaining access to a prominent Black leader will be very devastating for what is currently brewing up in America. However, Politics and business might be ahead for the two countries, and there might be great opportunities for Cubans to come to America and make a decent living.


AfroMadu will have the latest coverage of this new U.S/ Cuba relation. Stay tuned for any updates from this current event.

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