So we work two and three jobs, work majority of the day, catch grief from our bosses and co-workers, just to be broke and struggling from check to check? We continue this never ending cycle of getting paid, paying bills, spending money on temporary wants, and then become broke again. ARE’NT WE TIRED OF BEING broke?

No, not you of course. You know how to budget properly, save effectively, spend strategically, and invest soo well that you do not even know why you are reading. Yea, me too.

This segment was well needed. Our goal to educate the masses cannot be complete if we do not talk about the most important aspect of how the world functions: with money. The Black community can’t continue to suffer severely without the proper education of how to handle our money. Please note that I am not a financial expert, nor did I receive any credentials in this field. I am simply a concerned Black woman with the knowledge and experience that can provide information for anyone to get out of debt and increase their revenue if properly assessed.

Here, we plan to not only inform you about your personal finances and Black capital, but we also want to provide testimonies, both good and bad, of folks who have experienced financial successes and hardship during their lifetime. We want to all succeed. But we can’t if we aren’t able to compete and implement change through our money. So let this journey begin!

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