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DOJ and Black Bodies.


It seems like the Department of Justice decided to close the Civil Right books these past two weeks. With three big decisions on the table, what is the Department of Justice really saying about the lives of Black people? Lets break down each finding.

No Federal Civil Rights Charges Against George Zimmerman: I think the most relevant thing to highlight is the fact that Trayvon was murdered three years ago. Reaching a decision to not charge a person for three years might be a “traditional procedure”, but it is still triggering. Not only does a guilty man walk freely for a crime we all know he did, but it is “cleared” by the DOJ that this act was non-indictable. I’m still writing about Trayvon’s injustice. I can’t even write further on his life because of it.

Ferguson Police Racial Bias and Unconstitutional Practices: I mean, didn’t we know this already? Ferguson became a war zone. Militia weaponry on local citizens. Was there anything practical about that choice? Moving forward, what will happen to these racist, unconstitutional cops? How do they keep their jobs and departments knowing this information? Are we condoning racial and unconstitutional practices in a police department? Can these racist cops continue to police a Black community?

Non indictment of Darren Wilson: another jab, don’t you think? Not only does Ferguson Police get away with killing Michael Brown, they also get away with destroying trust between the authority and the community, but they get away with LITERALLY destroying a community.


These announcements from the Department of Justice simply triggered a population of people to remember the dark place of mourning that they have tried to overcome these past few years. We have been trying to suppress feelings of anger and despair, but when news as such comes out that makes us remember, its beyond psychological trauma. It’s remembering that not only were these Black bodies murdered, but in a sense, does not matter in a court of law.

So Department of Justice, thank you for reminding me these past two weeks that Whiteness has the systematic power to parade around the streets and kill Black people. You are truly appreciated.

For the DOJ report, click here. Tell us what you think.



Micheal Brown’s family attorney will be filing a civil law suit. More details forthcoming.

Zimmerman Innocent?

The murder trial of Trayvon Martin has been circulating through the media for the past few days, having a lot of people discuss the controversy of this trial. Why is the decision taking so long? How long is Zimmerman going to potentially going to be charged with? IS ZIMMERMAN INNOCENT?


Viewers are really loosing hope on the trial, and to be honest, I might be too. The courts are playing racquetball with this case, going back and forth on irrelevant issues. When will justice be served?

May we shed a different light on this case? What will happened if George Zimmerman is innocent and is free from his charges? Would his life actually become normal and free of harm?

Think about it this way: there is too much build up and animosity  for George Zimmerman to be a free man. From the book recently published by his father about African-Americans be racist, to the portrayal of Zimmerman being a floosebag, he wont be able to live a normal life.


The idea of rioting and protesting are already in the talks if this case doesn’t go as planned. Officials SHOULD be afraid, if anything, about the reactions of this trial from viewers of daily citizens. This is questioning the safety of everyone else in America and whether or not the criminal justice system can stand by other people and/or their family if this was the case of anyone else. Murder is murder, and whether it was self-defense or not, Trayvon Martin lost his life.

They say history repeats itself, right? Remember what happened in L.A when Rodney King was beaten by the cops. Something similar to a neighborhood watch patroller carrying a gun and killing a boy with a hoodie.

George Zimmerman, you are better off in jail. These streets aren’t safe for you.