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Case Study, part one: Beautiful People.

beautiful people,
    lining up streets
    taking out shrapnel 970143_267108810101875_850091147_n
    and dancing off beat
beautiful people,
    clothed with their scars
    building their bridges 
    with old prison bars
beautiful people,
    singing off key,
    ‘down with your monopoly
    on our standards of beauty!’
beautiful people,  
     opening doors, 
     walking through fires
     and coming out in four
beautiful people,
     some sages, 
     some babies,
     some meek old ladies
     some Martin’s
     some martyrs
     some 300 missing daughters

284357_4073283304831_726547536_n beautiful people,
     who grew amongst weeds,
     who yielded true courage
    the fruit of imperishable seeds 

-Naomie Jean Pierre 

Remembering Amiri Baraka….

In reflection of Amiri’s work, AfroMadu had the opportunity in 2012 to meet him at The Mumia Abu Jamal’s 40th anniversary rally in Philadelphia. This short video is a piece of Amiri’s powerful poem about America through a political lens. Although the quality is a little poor, Amiri’s message is still powerful. And even though we had the nose bleed seats, we were still able to feel the emotion in the room stemming from Amiri’s presence.  AfroMadu remembers Baraka with this video clip. Check it out!