The Coldest Winter…..ever.


“Winter signifies vulnerability. A bear state in which you are only transparent and reflective as you think you possibly are. It hurts, to uncover your truths, but in the end learning these things can only make the path to self-discovery a lot better.” –Cindelle Harris


The “Cold Truth” series will feature our amazing book club, live testimonials, current events, and other experiences that help viewers uncover their own truths. Our goal is to become as translucent as possible during these cold bone-chilling months.

Here are some events that will highlight our series! Be sure to keep connected on the site daily, along with our social media (Facebook, instagram, twitter) for interactive discussions and informative additions!

  1. Medusa Chronicles: a journey for the reinstatement of Black people’s true identity through emotional, mental, and spiritual healing practices. BlackHealth365 will guide your way through journaling and journeying during this season!
  2. AfroMadu Book Club: the infamous book club would be live and active again this winter! Our non-fiction selections will have everyone rethinking mainstream society and constructed norms and really put readers to re-think their perspectives on life. Haven’t joined yet? Email us at for registration and updates!
  3. Live testimonials: this series we would like to include testimonials articles pertinent to the readings, writing, or current event issues of any sort. LET US KNOW WHATS GOING ON! Isn’t that what we’re here for? Anything you want to post? Send it to

Put on your hats, scarves, and boots cause it’s time to tackle this cold weather!

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Self Determining our Black Purpose.

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